Our Beliefs

We Believe Jesus Makes People New

Hope drives us. Grace has changed us. As followers of Jesus Christ, we want to share God’s extravagant love with you.

We are part of the Wesleyan Denomination. For more information on the Wesleyan Church, CLICK HERE

The Essentials We Believe

We Believe that:

  • In the essentials, we must have unity.
  • In the non-essentials, we give each other liberty.
  • In all things, we treat each other with kindness.

Faith in the Holy Trinity
The Father – We believe in one living and true God, both holy and loving, eternal, unlimited in power, wisdom, goodness, the Creator and Preserver of all things.
The Son of God – We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God.
The Holy Spirit – He is the Administrator of grace to all mankind. He is ever present, assuring, preserving, guiding, and enabling the believer.

The Word of God
We believe that God’s Word is inspired and infallible. It is fully inerrant in their original manuscripts and superior to all human authority. You don’t fit the Bible into your life, you fit your life into the Bible. God’s Word has never failed people. It is a perfect road map that leads to eternal life with God.

God’s Purpose for Humanity
We believe that the two great commandments which require us to love the Lord our God with all the heart, and our neighbors as ourselves, summarize the divine law as it is revealed in the Scriptures. They are the perfect measure and norm of human duty, both for the ordering and directing of families, nations, and all other social bodies; this also include our individual acts, by which we are required to acknowledge God as our only Supreme Ruler.

Personal Responsibility
We believe that people are created in the image of God and that includes the ability to choose between right and wrong.

The Atonement
We believe that Christ’s offering of Himself, once and for all, through His perfect life, sufferings and death on the cross, provides the complete redemption and atonement for the sins of the whole world, both original and actual.

Repentance and Faith
We believe that for men and women to appropriate what God’s prevenient grace has made possible, they must voluntarily respond in repentance and faith. The ability to do so comes from God; yet, the act is the individual’s. Repentance begins by the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit. It involves a willful change of mind that renounces sin and longs for righteousness; a godly sorrow for, and a confession of sin. Faith, in turn, is the only condition of salvation. It begins in the agreement of the mind and the consent of the will to the truth of the gospel.

Justification, Regeneration and Adoption
We believe that justification is the judicial act of God whereby a person is accounted righteous, granted full pardon of all sin, delivered from guilt, completely released from the penalty of sins committed.
We believe that regeneration, or the new birth, is that work of the Holy Spirit whereby, when one truly repents and believes, one’s moral nature is given a spiritual life with the capacity for love and obedience.
We believe that adoption is the act of God by which the justified and regenerated believer becomes a partaker of all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of a child of God.

Good Works
We believe that although good works cannot save us from our sins, or from God’s judgment, they are the fruit of faith and follow after regeneration.

Sin after Regeneration
We believe that it is possible to fall into sin after regeneration.

We believe that sanctification is that work of the Holy Spirit by which the child of God is separated from sin unto God and is enabled to love God with all the heart, and to walk in all His holy commandments blameless. Regeneration is when we have God. Sanctification is when God has you.

The Gift of the Spirit
We believe that the Holy Spirit is the agent of all Spiritual gifts and that these gifts are given to glorify God and not man. We major on the fruit of the Spirit, believing that the gifts of the Spirit without the fruit of the Spirit is like a tree without roots. We also believe trying to do ministry without the gifts of the Spirit is like trying to drive a car without fuel.

The Second Coming of Christ
We believe that the certainty of the personal and imminent return of Christ inspires holy living and zeal for the evangelization of the world.

The Church
We believe that the Christian church is the entire body of believers in Jesus Christ, who is the founder and only Head of the church. We believe that the church was/is God’s only plan to save the world, and is a powerful gathering of people beyond anything man could construct.

We believe that there is life after death and every person is on their way to either heaven or hell.

The Sacraments: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
We believe that water baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the sacraments of the church that are commanded by Jesus and ordained as a means of grace when received through faith.
We believe that water baptism is an outward and visible sign of an inward transformation of the heart and should be administered to all believers.
We believe that the Lord’s Supper is a sacrament of our redemption by Jesus’ death and our hope in His victorious return, as well as a sign of the love that Christians have for each other.