At our church we understand that community with others  is of the utmost importance. Our goal is that anyone who comes to our church has the ability to join in a community and grow together in Jesus.  

You can face life with the kind of love and support God has in mind for you.


Why do Lifegroups Exist?

We believe that life is best lived in relationship with one another, and our Life Groups are where we do life together.  Life Groups help make that close community happen.

What is a Lifegroup?

Life Group's are a lot of fun and God works in our lives as we build Jesus-centered relationships. They typically consist of 12-16 people and are scheduled once per week. Each group varies on meeting length, child care, food and start time. 

Where do Lifegroups meet?

We have groups that meet all throughout the area and on different nights of the week in homes, and at our church.

Interested in Joining a Life Group?

We would love to help! Here are the ways to sign up:

Text the key word groups to 763-317-0866

or Contact Us HERE