Wellsprings Freedom Ministry

Our Wellsprings Freedom Ministry is a team-based prayer and inner healing ministry. Our approach is with gentle authority. We invite Jesus into the process of helping someone find healing from past emotional wounds. People have the opportunity to participate in their own 3-hour “Freedom Session”.  During the session the Freedom Team leads the client through a process of inner healing, forgiveness, prayer, and deliverance.

Freedom Sessions are a loving, gentle, and powerful experiences where the team relies on the Holy Spirit to help them break the chains of fear, addiction, depression, and anything else that may be keeping them from experiencing the freedom that Jesus provides. A freedom Session is a safe and encouraging experience. We practice confidentiality to the client. Every team member has had their own Freedom Sesion, they understand what it feels like to be the client. They are focused on helping the client and not embarrassing them in anyway.

Word is spreading. The demand for this ministry is growing, so you need to know that we currently have a one month waiting list.

We recommend that you attend an Orientation session to understand how a freedom session works and what you can expect. Use the form below to sign up for the next Orientation or to just ask us questions you might have.

We are in partnership with Wellsprings of Freedom International in Rock Island IL.

Interested in Next Orientation?

Check out our Events Page. We conduct Orientations about every other month. Out Events Page is HERE

Want to start the process for a Freedom Session?

We recommend that you first attend Orientation. We know that is not always possible, doing so will help you in your session. You can fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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