Step 2 Love People - Leap of Faith

STEP 2: LOVE PEOPLE - Go Hard After What You're Hoping God Will Do for Others

In Mark 4:1-20, we find the first parable Jesus taught. He's talking about the effect that genuine faith has on responsive people (being responsive is a good thing and to being nonresponsive is to be dead!). Responsive people are referred to as "good soil."  

In this parable, you'll notice that good soil (that is truly responsive people) can expect to produce a huge harvest —30, 60, or even 100 times!

Please think of this in terms of plants: healthy plants are usually seed-producing and produce a lot more healthy plants.

For people, this seems to mean that healthy, faithfully responsive followers of Jesus can expect to produce a lot more healthy, faithfully responsive followers of Jesus.


This observation—not a new one for most veteran followers of Jesus — can freak us out a bit. It seems intimidating! Interestingly, most veteran followers who are intimidated by this say something else at the same time. They say that their deepest dream has something to do with this being true in their lives.

We all want our lives that matter. I suggest that, if there is only one thing God is focused on doing on the earth, it would be that He's determined that everyone on earth would know that He does awesome things for people who trust Him—and presumably, that "everyone" here consists largely of people who don't currently KNOW that.


So, participating in this is at the heart of what will satisfy you in life; it's actually at the heart of what we all want – to see the Kingdom of God break into our world through our lives. Let me suggest some things you can do to partner with God's work in your world.


1) Praying for Your ONE(s)

If you don't have a One., then pursue God to give you a one. Maybe, God would be gracious enough to give you 4 one(s). A one is a person that you know; someone who lives right here in the Coon Rapids/North Metro area; someone that you'd love to see experience Jesus's goodness and power in their lives; someone who, as far as you can tell, really doesn’t have that happening right now. How amazing would it be that God would use your life to help someone experience God's love and blessing?


During the weeks of Leap of Faith, we'd love to up the ante a bit in the whole Spirit of taking a season of risk together. I have two suggestions you might want to try during this year's Leap of Faith.


1) Pray Daily for Your ONEs

Ask Jesus to reveal Himself to these great folks every day. Ask Him to concretely bless them in such a way that His name would be made great in their lives.


2) Trust that God will bless Your ONEs and allow you to Connect, Serve, Share, Grow, and Pray with them. (we'll unpack these through this year's LOF)


What can be super helpful as you are praying for your O.N.E.(s) is to ask God to show you ways He can use you to bless them. In that spirit, here are six ideas that you might want to try:


1.   Initiate a social time with your one.

2.   Ask your one for prayer requests and then pray for them.

3.   Invite your one to our Sunday service, especially Easter Weekend.

4.   Tell a story to your one about how Jesus has blessed you.

5.   Pray for one in person.

6.   Invite your one to get together and talk about Jesus (or faith).


I'm sure you get the sense that the folks you're praying for are not just abstractions whom you're hoping Jesus will bless. Certainly, it would be great if you could be part of the process if you could be in on loving them in Jesus's name.